About us

Medochemie Ltd is an international generic pharmaceutical manufacturing company. Privately owned and founded in 1976 by Dr Andreas Pittas the company is still driven by the same philosophy: "to provide every human being around the globe with quality and affordable drug treatment".

Medochemie is located in the Republic of Cyprus: the junction of ancient and modern European trade routes.

The headquarters and eight out of our nine manufacturing plants are located in Limassol, Cyprus. The ninth manufacturing plant is in the Netherlands.

At Medochemie we produce a wide range of products with 3800 marketing authorizations and 630 different product

combinations, which can be divided into more than 10 therapeutic categories, giving more than 150 million people the opportunity to be treated with our products.

Medochemie has local offices in 19 countries, achieving a fast and healthy growth over the years.

Being an export oriented company, Medochemie has been granted 13 awards from the government of Cyprus and three awards from the European Union for outstanding business performance.

Our driving force is the human factor and we currently employ a total of 1250 people, 600 of whom are in Cyprus and 650 abroad, 60% of all our personnel are scientists.